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Asquith & Co. has more than 150 years’ of accountancy experience and offers a full portfolio of services. Although you will have a dedicated client manager, you can draw on the skills of the entire team.

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Aimee Asquith Mission Control

Specialist Subject: Random events

Likes: Unpredictability

Dislikes: Random events

Favourite Colour: [Seeing] Red

Favourite Food/Drink: Chocolate eclair

Favourite Place: Swimming pool

Currently Drives: Her husband crazy

Contact Aimee:

Jennifer Springham (FCCA) – Director

Specialist Subject: Rules

Likes: Control

Dislikes: Lack of control

Favourite Colour: Why do you need to know?

Favourite Food/Drink: Gin & Tonic

Favourite Place: Boot Camp

Currently Drives: Gorgeous Audi TT

Contact Jen:

Daniel Bulman (ACCA) – Director

Specialist Subject: Golf

Likes: Beating Mark at golf

Dislikes: Losing his balls

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Food/Drink: Tee

Favourite Place: 19th Hole

Currently Drives: 300 yards (Dream on Dan)

Contact Daniel:

Chris Mattinson (ACCA) – Director

Specialist Subject: Piano

Likes: A good tune

Dislikes: Eating healthily

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Food/Drink: Pizza/blue WKD

Favourite Place: Behind his desk

Currently Drives: Audi A5


Chris Thompson – Accounts Technician

Specialist Subject: Fast cars

Likes: Theme Park rides

Dislikes: An out of date pork pie

Favourite Colour: Man U Red & White

Favourite Food/Drink: A fresh pork pie

Favourite Place: Florida

Currently Drives: White Scirocco


John Hall – Accounts Technician

Specialist Subject: Football

Likes: A load of bowls…

Dislikes: Losing Fantasy Football

Favourite Colour: Yellow,white & blue - LUFC

Favourite Food/Drink: Hot & Spicy!

Favourite Place: Bowling green

Currently Drives: Seat quad-turbo

Contact John:

Chantal Groom – Administrator

Specialist Subject: Office Agenda

Likes: Being in the loop

Dislikes: Disorganisation

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Food/Drink: Cheeky takeaway/Coke

Favourite Place: Bed

Currently Drives: Shank’s Pony

Contact Chantal:

Kelly Bullock – Administrator

Specialist Subject: Healthy eating (mostly!)

Likes: Organisation

Dislikes: Mess & disorganisation

Favourite Colour: Khaki Green

Favourite Food/Drink: A glass of Prosecco!

Favourite Place: The gym!

Currently Drives: Volvo C30

Contact Kelly:

Sue Williams – Payroll Clerk

Specialist Subject: Payroll

Likes: Cleaning & organisation

Dislikes: Mess or disorder

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Food/Drink: A good strong brew

Favourite Place: Caribbean

Currently Drives: Range Rover (pay-cut pending)

Contact Sue:

Sandra Scott – VAT Clerk

Specialist Subject: Food

Likes: Good food

Dislikes: Bad food

Favourite Colour: Bright sunshine yellow

Favourite Food/Drink: Anything that's food

Favourite Place: Restaurants

Currently Drives: Bright yellow Ford KA

Contact First:

Danielle Sharpe – Payroll Clerk

Specialist Subject: Cars

Likes: Being at home

Dislikes: Chaos, dieting

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Food/Drink: Any kind of Pasta

Favourite Place: Home

Currently Drives: BMW 1 Series

Contact First:

James Brown – Accounts Technician

Specialist Subject: Fantasy Football

Likes: Being organised

Dislikes: Being disorganised

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Food/Drink: Pizza

Favourite Place: Old Trafford

Currently Drives: Chris Thompson crazy

Contact First:

Matt Hardisty – Accounts Technician

Specialist Subject: A good spreadsheet

Likes: Playing pool

Dislikes: Losing at pool

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Food/Drink: Protein shake

Favourite Place: Gym

Currently Drives: Ford Fiesta

Contact First:

Lee Jones – Senior Accountant

Specialist Subject: Box sets

Likes: Here

Dislikes: Awkward questions

Favourite Colour: Turquoise / Green

Favourite Food/Drink: Cheesecake

Favourite Place: Italy

Currently Drives: C-Max

Contact First:

Mark Asquith (FCCA) – Principal

Specialist Subject: Saving you money

Likes: Saving you money

Dislikes: Not saving you money

Favourite Colour: Black...keeping you in it!

Favourite Food/Drink: Roast Taxman

Favourite Place: Judo mat

Currently Drives: The Taxman crazy

Contact Mark: