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Protection for Commercial Tenants



The government has recently announced new legislation to protect commercial tenants from facing eviction:



  • The legislation protects commercial tenants for the next 3 months from eviction from non-payment, but will be kept under review by the government and has the potential for extension
  • It no longer means landlords can forfeit the lease after 14 or 21 days following non-payment of rent
  • This already applied to residential tenants, but has been expanded to now include commercial tenants
  • Any current forfeiture proceedings will also be placed on hold until the end of June
  • Certain classes of occupation will be excluded:
    • Licences including serviced offices
    • Tenancies at will
    • Employment service tenancies
    • Tenancies of less than 6 months
    • Home business tenancies
    • Agricultural holdings
    • Mining leases
    • Code Agreements under the Electronic Communications Code 2017
    • Any other tenancies where Part 2 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 is not applicable
  • It is currently unknown what action needs to be taken (if any) to ensure protection. We will provide an email update once more information is released


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