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Giving Your Staff A Gift This Christmas: Everything You Need To Know About Doing It Tax-Free

Asquith & Co Blog On Giving Staff A Gift At Christmas And How To Do It Tax-Free Under Certain Conditions

Can you believe it’s that time of the year already?

If you’re looking to get your staff gifts this Christmas, you’ll be pleased to learn that you might be able to do it tax-free! Since April 16, employers have been allowed to provide their staff with particular “trivial” benefits, tax-free.

Not only do certain benefits not need to be reported to HMRC, they can also be tax-free for the staff receiving the gift too.

This tax exemption only applies under certain conditions, however;

  • the cost of providing the benefit cannot exceed £50
  • the benefit is not money
  • the staff receiving the gift is not entitled to it as part of any contractual obligation; for example, as part of a salary sacrifice scheme
  • the benefit is not provided in recognition of services performed by the receiver as part of their working duties

Not only does this exemption apply to small staff gifts at Christmas, but it also applies to staff birthdays and other occasions – and can include gifts of food, wine, or store vouchers.

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