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How to have a Tax-Free Corporate Xmas Party

How to have a Tax-Free Corporate Xmas Party HMRC Christmas Company Business Team Meal Celebration

Whether you can believe it or not, Christmas is right around the corner. An expensive time of year for all, but if you’re planning a party for your team, you’ll be able to save on tax!

It may sound like Christmas come early, but in order to have a tax-free party you need to follow these instructions:


To start with, the event (party, meal, etc.) must be open to all of your employees and at one specific location.

Cost per head must not surpass £150 including VAT. Guests/plus ones of your employees also count as guests and are a great way of reducing the cost per head.

To accurately calculate cost per head, ALL costs must be considered. This includes any transport costs to and from the venue, any accommodation provided and so on.

If the cost per head surpasses £150 including VAT, individual employees will be taxable on their average cost PLUS the cost for any guests that were permitted to attend.

Lastly, it’s possible to recover VAT input tax on employee entertainment spend. If guests are permitted, the input tax should be apportioned as VAT applicable to those who are not employees are not recoverable.

However, if you ask guests to pay a reasonable contribution to the event, all VAT can be reclaimed.


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