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Additional Restrictions Grant (Discretionary) (ARGD)

There are thousands of businesses that have been impacted by Covid restrictions, that may not have been forced to close or may not have a business rates bill. These businesses have not been eligible for the main ‘Business Restart’ grant scheme.


There is a new grant, for these businesses, the Additional Restrictions Grant (Discretionary).


These grants are administered by the local authority that you trade within.


A few of examples of a business that may possibly qualify:


  • A wholesale food producer that mainly supplies restaurants. This business was not forced to close but has been severely impacted by Covid restrictions, because all of their customers would have been closed.
  • A seasonal hospitality venue, that is based in a larger site, and does not directly pay rates as it is a composite part of a rent for a temporary site.
  • A marketing business that supplies the hospitality business but works from home and does not, therefore, pay rates.
  • Mobile hairdressers or anyone providing personal care. Possibly rent-a-chair businesses?
  • Freelance PT Instructors.


Think carefully about your business, as this list is just a handful of possible examples.


Click here to read the detailed qualifying criteria for the ARGD


The grant is discretionary, so there is no guarantee you will get a grant.


The fund is limited, so the money may run out.


Grants start at £500. The maximum grant is £3,000.


Ask yourself these questions (read them carefully):


  1. Do I run a business that was not forced to close under Covid restrictions?
  2. Did I fail to satisfy the qualifying criteria for a Restart Grant?
  3. Has my business been severely impacted by the Covid restrictions?


If you can answer yes to these three questions, then we recommend you read the qualifying criteria and if you think you qualify, then apply for this ARGD scheme.


The main local authority links for our clients are as follows:


Scarborough Borough Council


East Riding of Yorkshire Council


Ryedale District Council   (This area link does not seem to be live yet)


City of York Council


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